On an escarole

2 thoughts on “On an escarole”

  1. Yum! I was confused by the escarole in our box this week and made a raw salad out of it. It wasn’t bad but it was weird. I like this recipe, sounds good.

    When I left my super stressful job last year (and then only worked part time) I slept SOOOO much. I also had regular massages, acupuncture and went to the Korean spa. It was great. I couldn’t believe how exhausted I was, but like you- I had lived off of caffeine and sugar to get me through. It was brutal. Good luck getting back on track- be patient with the process- it takes a long time for the stress and bad habits to built up so it can take a long time for them to be broken too.

    Sorry to have missed your party last week- I have rules about going out on work nights. Lol. Part of my self care I guess. But maybe I’ll see you out at a lady’s night sometime!

    1. Hi Megan! Great to hear from you. I was at the Korean spa last night–I love that place. Work wasn’t that stressful when I left, so I think I developed the habit when I was under a lot of stress. Plus, all that stuff was free and available, which made it really easy to drink without a single thought. I’m mostly surprised my stomach tolerated it for so long. 🙂

      I’m always out of town during those gatherings. Hopefully, I’ll be around next month and we’ll get to catch up. Would love to hear what you’ve been up to!

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