A super break!

So after rediscovering such wonders as early happy hour and siestas after quitting my job, I decided to take a break from blogging. Instead, I spent the summer exploring and discovering the world of having a really good time. I visited old and new places, and spent quality time with people I care about. And … Continue reading A super break!

Rule breaker

Wow. It’s been a while. And I’ve read somewhere that I’m breaking some blogging rule by saying that. But over time, I’ve realized that some rules are there because they’re necessary–they really do protect you and the people around you. Fake rules, on the other hand, are attempts made by others to control you because what … Continue reading Rule breaker

Connected but alone

I watched the TED video of the day today, and I agreed with it so wholeheartedly that I had to write a post about it. Because lately, a lot of people have told me that their feeling pretty lonely. Myself included. I have a fairly antagonistic relationship with technology. As someone who has seen technology’s impact … Continue reading Connected but alone